Thousands of Quebecers Went Digital to Support Fundraisers During COVID-19

Quebec City, January 21, 2021 - Quebecers were generous this holiday season! According to data from La Ruche supported by Desjardins, food banks across the province received an average donation of $106.

With face-to-face fundraising coming to a halt during the global pandemic, fundraising organizers worked with La Ruche and Desjardins to roll out a solution that would make up for lost donations. It only took a few weeks to get the platform up and running, and it went on to raise a total of $2.4 million in November and December 2020. Desjardins and the caisse network boosted their initial commitment of $1 million by 20% to match the exceptional generosity of donors.

Online crowdfunding: A powerful tool for communities

To date, no fewer than 53 crowdfunding campaigns have been launched by community stakeholders across Quebec--a number that shows just how effective crowdfunding is, and how attractive it is to donors.

While street fundraising is sure to make a comeback, many fundraising directors are considering taking their campaigns digital again next year. For example, thanks to 348 donors and Desjardins's Double Your Impact program, the Fonds de bienfaisance des pompiers de Montréal raised a total of $84,714--214% greater than their initial goal. According to Alex Desjardins, Vice-President of the Fonds de bienfaisance des pompiers de Montréal, "The crowdfunding campaign with La Ruche was a first for us this year. It gave us the opportunity to raise a lot of money when traditional street fundraising wasn't an option. Thanks to this campaign, 1,107 families received gift cards for groceries, and 1,000 local children got gifts that brightened up their holiday season. Plus, we supported 6 organizations that went on to help an additional 1,150 families. That means that over 2,250 families benefited from this holiday initiative. We're proud that we could do our part and help those in need. We'll definitely consider online fundraising in the future."

About La Ruche supported by Desjardins

La Ruche supported by Desjardins is a crowdfunding platform and non-profit organization whose mission is to support projects that will boost the economy, visibility and vitality of Quebec's regions. Since its founding, La Ruche has crowdfunded over $13 million in 7 regions across Quebec: Quebec City, Montreal, Estrie, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Mauricie, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Chaudière-Appalaches. La Ruche's innovative platform stands out with its human touch (including nearly 400 ambassadors), additional fundraising programs and regional concept.

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