Monday, March 29, 2021 - On December 6, 1900, Alphonse Desjardins founded Caisse populaire de Lévis with the unwavering support of his wife, Dorimène. Together, they laid the groundwork for a cooperative group that has grown into the first savings and loan cooperative in North America and makes a remarkable difference in the well-being of people and their communities.

Illustrated with more than 300 archival photos, Desjardins, Together for 120 years traces the history, development and importance of Desjardins in Quebec, in Canada and internationally. Organized into thematic chapters, it eloquently presents the highlights of Desjardins Group over time, demonstrating its importance in the lives and hearts of people. Desjardins sets itself apart with the timeless relevance of its model and close ties to communities and businesses.

The book features a preface by Guy Cormier, President and CEO of Desjardins Group, as well as exclusive interviews that author, editor and journalist Pierre Cayouette conducted with some 20 stakeholders, employees and partners. They all speak to the significance, influence and towering presence of Desjardins Group locally and abroad. Those interviewed include Nicolas Duvernois, founder of Pur Vodka and Romeo's Gin; Pierre Lavoie, co-founder of Grand défi Pierre Lavoie; Claudine Roy, founder of Traversées de la Gaspésie; Geoff Molson, President and CEO of CH Group; Alban D'Amours and Monique F. Leroux, former presidents of Desjardins Group; actress and host Marie-Josée Taillefer; and geneticist, broadcaster and activist David Suzuki.

"Alphonse Desjardins wanted to create a movement that belonged to the people, that gives back, that educates, that fosters people's financial empowerment. That's exactly what we're doing and what we'll continue to do in the context of today's world," writes Guy Cormier, President and CEO of Desjardins Group.

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