Montreal, September 1st, 2021 - Desjardins Investments Inc. ("DI"), the manager of the Desjardins Funds, today announced changes to its mutual funds. The changes, described in detail below, concern management fee reductions. DI regularly reviews its mutual fund's offer to ensure they continue to meet the evolving investment needs of financial advisors and investors.

Management fee reductions for 43 Desjardins Funds

DI announced that it will be reducing management fees by up to 21 basis points for some unit classes of 43 Desjardins Funds, effective October 1st, 2021. These changes reflect DI's commitment to offering competitively priced actively managed investment funds with access to world-class portfolio managers.

Here's a list of the Desjardins Funds unit classes affected:

20210831 - ETF.png

About Desjardins Investments Inc.

Desjardins Investments Inc., manager of the Desjardins Funds, is one of Canada's largest mutual fund manufacturers, with $ 40.5 billion in assets under management. DI offers a broad range of investment funds to Canadian investors and stands out in the industry, among others, through its world-renowned portfolio managers representing more than 20 asset management companies around the world. In addition, DI is one of the most committed actors in promoting and advancing responsible investment in Canada.

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