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August 13, 2014
3 steps to eliminating the financial stress of back-to-school
3 steps to eliminating the financial stress of back-to-school

Back-to-school and spending go hand-in-hand. For you, it may also be the time where you start managing your own finances. If so, know that you're not alone and there are turnkey solutions available to you.

Here are 3 simple steps to going back to school stress-free and being able to concentrate on what's most important: your studies!

  1. Set a budget
    The basis of sound financial management is setting a budget. A budget clearly outlines your incoming and outgoing money for the year and allows you to establish your financial needs. You'll quickly see where your money is going and, more importantly, where more of it should be going. Feel free to adjust your budget as needed--it has to be realistic to be effective. Learn more about budgets.
  2. Meet with a youth advisor
    Your caisse may have a youth advisor who specializes in working with student members and is available to listen and give you advice. It's easy to get an appointment quickly based on your schedule and the method of communication that suits you best. Don't wait until it's too late to ask questions--your advisor is there to guide you before and during your studies. And don't forget to bring your budget to the appointment. Make an appointment
  3. Choose the right financial products
    Credit cards, loans and scholarships, lines of credit, Accord D financing--the list of financing possibilities is extensive, and it's not always easy to know which product will effectively meet your needs. Many products are tailored to the needs and financial reality of students like you. Whether it's for financing your studies or a new computer, take the time to understand the advantages of each product. With your budget in mind, your advisor will be able to recommend the right products, with good terms, to effectively manage your finances.

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